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GOOD That The Chocolate Can Do To You

You think you know about the good a chocolate can do, well you don’t know enough. Stop feeling guilty about the extra piece of chocolate you popped in. Chocolate made out of Cacao. Which from the ancient time onwards, believed to have many medical and nutritious properties.Cacao was also known as the “food of the gods.”

Chocolate consumption increases weight, acne, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes like such many different kind of myths where created among people. The high cocoa level and low sugar level gives us the most benefits.
Some major health benefits are:-

  1. Chocolate lowers cholesterol – Cocoa butter is high in saturated fat which is used in chocolate. Chocolate consumption is reported to reduce bad fat. Chocolate consist of PS and CF which may improve blood pressure and lower cholesterol.
  2. Chocolate is not high in caffeine – People consider chocolate as very high in caffeine. But a regular Hershey’s bar consisted of only 9 milligrams of caffeine
    and a special dark bar consisted that of 31 milligrams. Though dark chocolate consist of high caffeine but not as much as people think.
  3. Chocolate reduces heart diseases risk – Researchers have found that the consumption of chocolate reduces the risk of having a heart disease by one-third.
  4. Chocolate prevent memory decline – Scientists discovered that drinking around 2 cups of hot chocolate in a day decline reduce in memory in older people and even help in keeping the brain healthy.
  5. Chocolate reduce stroke – Canadian scientists found that the crowd eating chocolates were less likely to get stroke by 22 percent but those who regularly consumed it.
  6. During pregnancy chocolate help in fetal growth and development.
  7. Chocolate helps in math – British psychologists discovered that the flavanols in chocolate helps people in their mental math’s skill. People were good in backward counting randomly from 800 to 1000 instantly after drinking a cup of hot chocolate, than without it.
  8. Chocolate prevents Cancer – One of the Cocoa compound called Pentamer helps in disrupting cancer cells that is their ability to increase.
  9. Chocolate reduces Diabetes – A study in Italy shows that chocolate helps in increasing insulin sensitivity which lowers the risk of diabetes.
  10. Chocolate is good for skin – Chocolate doesn’t causes breakout in fact dark chocolate is good for skin as Flavonoids protects skin from UV rays.
  11. Chocolate controls cough – Theobromine, the sweetest chemical component found in chocolate reduces the vagus nerve activity as in the section of brain that trigger the cough fitting.
  12. Chocolate helps live longer–The oldest anyone lived was Jeanne Louise Calment, who lived till 122 year old. She per week consumed around two and a half pounds of chocolate. Few researchers from Harvard did actually found that chocolate eating adds around two years to once life expectancy.

Chocolate diet :-  Yes, you heard me right say “Hi!” to chocolate diet. Yes, obviously the heavy box of chocolate cake on a Sunday won’t do any good to your waistline.A study in California University by some researchers shows that people not eating chocolate that frequently have more body mass index than those eating frequently. Eating a small amount of chocolates almost 5 days a week can lower BMI, you can do that by trying out the Flicbox (www.flicbox.com) which consists of different types and combination of many foreign branded chocolates which can last you for over a month.

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