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D-Commerce, abbreviation for Discovery-Commerce is an emerging subscription based business model around the globe. More and more people are flocking towards these services because they are automated, hassle free and easy to work with. Well what is D-Commerce ? or the subscription model for that matter ? Relax, we got you on this. Below are the few questions we tried to answer. These are the questions that we usually get so hopefully they catch you up to the basics.

  1. What is a subscription based business model and how does it work?Hmm, the best way to explain this would be with an example of a magazine. We all have subscribed to a magazine at some point of life (or heard of people who have). How did that work? You basically got an issue/volume of the magazine every month if it was a monthly issue or every week if it was weekly. Most of you have subscribed for a newspaper that’s why you get a newspaper at your doorstep everyday. The subscription model, famously known as Subscription Commerce or SubCom, is based on this very principle. You subscribe to a service or a product ranging from toiletries to beauty products to eatables and you get a box of that product every week or every month at your doorstep. But the whole business is done via website or an app just like any e-commerce business. You can track your subscriptions, view order history, and just about keep up with your subscription online.
  2.  Well earlier you mentioned about D-Commerce. What’s that? Is it same as subscription commerce? Essentially, yes. D-Commerce or Discovery Commerce is basically the same thing as subscription commerce with a very slight but relevant change. In d-commerce, you discover your subscription. Let’s explain that with an example. Let’s say you have subscribed to a service who ship razors at your doorstep every month. Well with a subscription like this, you know what to expect every month – RAZORS! This is a classic example of a typical subscription commerce service. Now on the other hand if you have subscribed to a service who ships out different chocolates at your doorstep every month, you are looking at a d-commerce service because in this case you don’t know what to expect every month. You know to expect chocolates but there are just so many different kinds and brands around the world to make you or any other chocolate lover anxious. So d-commerce goes an extra mile to surprise you and keep you anxious about the next delivery by shuffling different kinds of chocolates and giving you a bigger exposure of brands and flavors that you didn’t know existed. It’s like that Forrest Gump quote – “Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gona get.”
  3. How will d-commerce help me? What if I get a product that I don’t like ?

    Let us go back to the chocolate example for this one. You are a chocolate lover but you are bounded by the local chocolate brands that you get in your local retail shops. The only way to taste other kinds of chocolates is when you visit some other country or your friend does and he brings some for you (if you’re lucky). Wouldn’t you be bored? What if that you really love one of this chocolate brand that you don’t get in your country? You’d have to wait until you make a another trip to that country. Well d-commerce solves this problem. It gives you a huge exposure to all those different chocolates that you have and haven’t heard of. It’s like a chocolate portal. Of course, there are going to be a couple experiences where you don’t like a chocolate or two but that’s the whole part of “trying new things” experience. There are a couple d-commerce firms who let you dislike products like that so that it doesn’t get repeated with your next orders.
  4. Well are there any such chocolate d-commerce service around me?

    Depends on where you live, You might want to run a quick google search. There are a couple firms like ‘mysterychocolatebox’, ‘chococurb’, ‘cocoarun’ and a couple others in USA and UK but there is only one in India. They go by Flicbox (www.flicbox.com). I am currently subscribed to them and they are amazing. They haven’t failed to surprise me so far. I would highly recommend Flicbox if you’re in India. Hopefully this article helped to shed some light on this upcoming industry that’s booming like crazy. Do comment if you have any further questions.
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