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Chocolate for Brain

If you don’t know than let us tell you that chocolate does wonders to your brain and if you already know that, oh still you don’t know enough about what a CHOCOLATE can do.

The reasons why I don’t feel guilty any more to eat chocolate.

  1. In the recent study published in the journal Appetite, says that chocolate consumption helps in better performing of cognitive. People eating chocolate At least once a week have seen to perform better cognitively.
  2. A nutrition researcher from University of South Africa Georgina Crichton found various health positive outcome and what chocolate does to brain and behavior.
  3. Crichton did said that in cocoa there is a nutrient found known as cocoa flavonals, thus even found in chocolate and it surely does affect human brain positively.
  4. A 2011 study showed that Cocoa Flavonals affect positively on physiological process.
  5. Frequent chocolate eating was reported to result in better performance, visual memory, working memory, organization etc.
  6. Researchers suggest that regular chocolate intake can help improve math skills.
  7. From olden times onwards chocolate is believed to clean teeth, encourage sleep, increase breast milk production, provide energy before any sexual conquests.


Avoiding various other good stuff that chocolate does like reducing weight, reduce risk of stroke, protects skin and many other, this is all what chocolate does to brain. This is more than enough for any child or adult to keep eating chocolate. Who wouldn’t want to be good in math’s and improve memory?


All this can only be possible with require small amount of intake. Now you can get the goodness of many different branded, foreign chocolates under a single box with Flicbox (www.flicbox.com).

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